About Us

Culturally Competent Care

We strive to make diverse, inclusive and equitable care more accessible.

At Core Counseling & Consulting, PLLC, we actively work to provide culturally competent care. Outlined here is our 10-point strategic initiative toward achieving this goal:

  1. Work to improve mental health outcomes and quality of care for racially and ethnically diverse groups,
  2. Work to eliminate mental health disparities impacting racially and ethnically diverse groups,
  3. Work to increase mental health knowledge and awareness among racially and ethnically diverse groups,
  4. Provide increased access to care and resources,
  5. Develop policies that reduce or eliminate barriers to mental health care for racially and ethnically diverse groups,
  6. Train, supervise and consult with racially and ethnically diverse therapists across the licensure spectrum (full, associate, pre-service),
  7. Provide diverse therapeutic care to meet unique client needs,
  8. Provide culturally relevant trainings and workshops focused on cross-cultural issues,
  9. Recruit, employee and retain racially and ethnically diverse therapists, and
  10. Advance integrated health care.

Social Impact Initiative

In line with our care commitment, our current social impact initiative is to educate the community about mental health among Black Americans and in Black communities. We are available to speak and engage in Q&A about mental health — especially among Black Americans. For more information about the current social impact initiative, complete the contact form on the Contact page or email the office at corecounselingco@gmail.com.